Hive Team

Jon Gosier Is a software developer, writer, designer and technologist working at the intersection of data science and global development. He is the Founder and Chief Operations Officer at MetaLayer, which makes software products for data analysis and visualization.  Jon is also the founder of Appfrica where he currently serves as the Director of Advocacy, helping to raise awareness about the many issues related to financing early stage African entrepreneurs. He started Appfrica in 2008 while living in Kampala, Uganda, where the need for vehicles that supported local talent became apparent.

In 2009 Jon spoke at TED in Oxford, UK about his work connecting rural African villages to the internet through a call center and light infrastructure. The service, in collaboration with non-profit OpenMind, was called QuestionBox and allowed rural Africans with no access to the internet to ask questions and get timely, vetted answers to everyday questions


Marieme Jamme Is a philanthropist and the chief executive of Spot One Global Solutions, a UK based company that helps IT organisations gain a foothold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Mariéme recently founded Iconsience a think tank uniting business experts and like-minded individuals to brainstorm ethical scenarios for sustainable business, social, technological and environmental development in Africa and is also co-founder of Africa Gathering. Mariéme uses her knowledge of African dialects and languages to facilitate communication between governments, investors, businesses and communities in Africa.

She advises the UK Home Office on how to help members of the African Diaspora transfer their knowledge and skills to their countries of origin, she was appointed as a judge for Africa Rural Connect (Washington DC), and has a seat on the board of Free Generation International – an organisation fighting human trafficking and slavery.


TMS RUGE: In 2007, TMS Ruge cofounded Project Diaspora, an online platform for mobilizing, engaging and motivating members of Africa Diaspora to engage in matters important to the continent’s development. He is also the cofounder of HiveColab, Uganda’s first technology incubator and co-working space. He is also founder of UMPG Ltd., an agricultural value-added exporter in his hometown of Masindi, Uganda. In 2010, he launched Villages in Action, the first social media powered, live-streamed conference from a village to mark the 10th anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals.

A technology enthusiast, Ruge writes and speaks extensively on Africa’s current renaissance driven by technology, youth and the Diaspora. He is a frequent contributor to several online publications including CNN, Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian. He blogs at and is the host of the Digital Continent Podcast on iTunes.

He was born in Masindi, Uganda and grew up in Uganda, Kenya and the United States.



Daniel Stern Is on the Board of Directors at Hive Colab. He is also the Founder of Mobile Monday Kampala Chapter. Mobile Monday is where Movers and Shakers in Mobile Development meet in Kampala. The mobile community in Uganda is brought together on this platform once a month in Kampala to hear the latest from world class presenters. Workshops and competitions for developers are organised and implemented.


Barbara Birungi Is the Director of Hive Colab in Uganda. She is also the founder of WITU (Women In Technology Uganda) an Organization that seeks to encourage, inspire and train more women in the tech field through networking, training, mentoring and partnering so as to increase the number of women in tech, the number of tech women entrepreneurs and more girls to take science courses at university so as to reduce the gender gap and compete favorably with male counterparts for jobs and improve the livelihoods of women in Uganda. Prior to this she also worked with Makerere University on a project to increase the sales of rural craft making women using the web so as to improve the livelihoods of these women.



Brian Ndyaguma Is the operations manager at Hive Colab. He is a graduate of Project Planning and Entrepreneurship at Uganda Christian University and currently pursing a Masters in Project Planning and Management at Uganda Management Institute.

His current work experience has been in Lecturing, Mentoring and Project Monitoring and Evaluation. He has worked with Project Inspire Africa Season 1, a show that was aimed at inculcating entrepreneurial skills and values in the E. African youths (participants). The success of this project earned me the capacity of mentoring, lecturing and capacity building among different organized forums and academic institutions with the recent being Makerere Business Institute, Livingstone International University and Invisible Children-Uganda.

I have, in addition, been a part of a project monitoring and evaluation team in Masindi District on Child Labour in Tobacco Farms carried out by Community development and conservation Agency (CODECA).