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Women In Tech and StartUps Meet Up.

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On Friday,14th August, Hive Colab hosted the monthly Women In Tech Meet Up. There was a 50-50 attendance of both women and men and the main discussion was focused on how to bridge the technology gender gap. Click here for more

   API Talk at Hive Colab

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About 30 developers last Friday gathered at Hive Colab for a talk dubbed “Apps Meet Feature Phones.” In just an hour, Samuel Gikandi, an MIT graduate and former employee of Morgan Stanley, now the CTO and Co-founder of Africa’s Talking who had put together a PowerPoint presentation did the talk justice. He presented on the […]

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Hive Blog: Are You Really Running A Startup?

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Startups are the new cool thing, everyone I know from former tech graduate to people that come through our space seems to be doing some form of startup myself inclusive. Every day I listen to a lot of ideas but at the bottom of this funnel of ideas we see very little success. Why is […]

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A Hive New Year

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A Happy New year to you our dear innovators, alumni, partners and stakeholders . We hope you had an amazing holiday season and as you are busy making resolutions for the new, be sure to add us in your plans.  We have big plans to serve our technologists better such that more ideas will become […]

E-commerce in Uganda: Remzak website launch

August 21st, 2014 / Joshua Nsimbi / 1 comment

Remzak is the latest classifieds website to join the Ugandan e-commerce sphere at a time when e-commerce is on a rapid growth trajectory in the country. With the necessary structures starting to take shape, e-commerce will no longer be just another buzzword but a new way of doing business. Read more

A computer & coding kit for all ages

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Teaching kids how to program computers is no easy fete. It’s even worse when the computer teachers get to know that these little kids still find it hard grasping the basics of life such as brushing their teeth or even tying their shoes laces. Read more

5 Interesting Emerging Industries in Uganda

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The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Uganda expanded 4.73 percent in the first quarter of 2014 which in fact is lower than the average GDP growth rate –6.84 Percent — measured from 2005 until 2014 according to recent data from Uganda Bureau of Statistics. To be optimistic, that can be considered a recovery if we […]

Ampion VentureBus wants to breathe life into Startups

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Ampion VentureBus, a non-profit developer and designer entity is bringing together thinkers and innovators alike from all over the world to birth ideas into startups.On the road, aboard the bus, change makers will transform from idea to a beta application in just 5 days! As tacitly put by Migisha Boyd through an email thread: Picture this: You get […]


Women who code: The little secrets you ought to know

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Stereotypes aside, given the same challenge, women and men have equal opportunities at succeeding.However, the masochistic orientation is traditionally considered normal for women in comparison to men It reminds me of the MLK quote, ”It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is cruel jest to say […]