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Hive Colab has a variety of members (innovators) - talented start-ups, small businesses, social businesses,nonprofits, services, and web organizations. 

Each one of our members is pursuing a dream and understands that its easier, its certainly more fun, productive and  more effective to do that in numbers. Please go ahead, contact our members.

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Bee Name: brudan_logo Brudan Ltd
Our Industry: SME
Our Core Function: IT & Software Development
Our Projects: Betotm, Bodapay app
Our Website: www.brudan.net
Our Mission: “At Brudan, we strive to lead in the inovation, development and production of the industry’s newest inovations , including computer systems, software. We translate these advanced systems and software into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services worldwide.”
Bee Name: thinvoid_logo Thin Void
Our Industry: Design and Development
Our Core Function: Identify tech needs in different areas and develop appropriate solutions to meet the need. These range from agricultural solutions to healthcare, education and others.
Our Projects: 4 time East and Southern Africa Champions in the Microsoft Imagine Cup (2008-2009, 2011-2012), ITU Young Innovator of the Year 2011, Recipient of the 2012, Microsoft Imagine Cup Grants, Successfully deployed an agriculture feature phone app in Rwanda, Piloting a transportation service right now (tambula.net), Piloting virtual VISA card retail service (mobivisa.com)
Our Website: www.thinvoid.com
Our Mission: Thinning the tech void, bridging the gap in the process.
Bee Name: CodeGirl-Logo Women In Technology Uganda
Our Industry: Skills Development & Mentoring
Our Core Function: Find real solutions to the long-standing problems of how to attract, retain and advance more women in the IT industry
Our Projects: Code Girls, MamApp(Under Development)
Our Website: www.witug.com
Our Mission: Encourage women into the IT field and help women advance their careers in technology through networking, mentoring, training and professional development
Bee Name:  accessmobile Access.Moblie
Our Industry:
Our Core Function:
Our Projects:
Our Website:  
Our Mission:
Bee Name: Alumni
Our Industry: Agriculture
Our Core Function: To provide a Digital Agricultural Commodity Exchange for African products where farmers, traders, policy makers and consumers can get market prices of agricultural products at real-time and useful Industry insights visualized using graphs.
Our Projects: tech4farmers Android app
Our Website: www.tech4farmers.com
Our Mission: Promote Sustainable Agriculture by leveraging Innovative uses of ICTs and Mobile phones.
Bee Name: ICTAU
Our Industry:
Our Core Function:
Our Projects:  
Our Website:  
Our Mission:

Bee Name: Lipa Mobile
Our Industry: SME
Our Core Function: Media, Web and Mobile Value Added & Mobile Commerce Technology
Our Projects: Infomania Job Centre
Our Website: infomania.co.ug
Our Mission:

Bee Name: Road Conexion
Our Industry:
Our Core Function:
Our Projects:
Our Website:  
Our Mission:

Bee Name: inforex_logo Inforex
Our Industry: SME
Our Core Function: “Inforex creates a business to business and business to customer platform to make the forex market much easier for both forex institutions and customers wanting to exchange their foreign currencies.Inforex facilitates trade amongst the forex bureaus and provides latest forex information to the public through a web portal www.inforexafrica.com and a mobile application for currently the windows phone OS”
Our Projects: “Finalist PivotEast 2013
Partnership with Uganda Forex Bureau Association
Currently has 36% of Ugandan Market
Our Website: http://inforexafrica.com
Our Mission: To create a reliable communication system connecting foreign exchange institutions both locally and internationally.


Bee Name: Matibabu
Our Industry: Health
Our Core Function: Matibabu is a solution to diagnoses for malaria without pricking the body. Connected with a custom piece of hardware, malaria status can be known in a minute.
Current malaria detection methods require a blood sample and diagnosis is then conducted via microscope (30 min) or molecular diagnostic methods (15 min). Microscopes cannot do early detection because of under sampling, while molecular diagnostics don’t give a count of plasmodium. Matibabu excels compared with molecular diagnostics because of increased speed and no blood sampling required, and can detect malaria early compared with microscope. We anticipate IP and legal concerns but the product is at early stages so the team is not aware of specific issues.
Our Projects: 1.imagine cup local final(world citizenship uganda) July 2013
2.imagine cup uganda national winner July 2013
3.UN women empowerment award July 2013
4.2nd world best malaria innovation by the guardian July 2013
Our Website: http://www.matibabu.blog.com
Our Mission: 1) Providing software to solve hardest challenges in our communities majorly in health.
2) Provide a mobile medical platform
3) To fight malaria
Bee Name:  BITEPH Strategic Consulting
Our Industry: Agriculture
Our Core Function: Agribusiness Solutions Hub
Consulting Services
Our Projects: a) Amagara Skin Care
b) Crane essential Oils
c) Havanah Investments (Agro-Produce company)All above start-ups have used our services and have gained major breakthrough through financing, product success etc
Our Website: www.biteph.com
Our Mission: To provide Ecosystem were we provide a one-stop shop for start ups and SME companies in the field of agribusiness and agro-processing through the provision of Funding opportunities, Business Mentoring, Financial literacy, Legal and Creative/Design support. We at BITEPH are big supporters of youth in involvement in Agriculture and are currently working on a model to promote and nurture innovations they are currently coming up with to grow the industry.



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