Entrepreneur / Startups

Entrepreneur / Startups


Hive Colab targets both seed and early entrepreneurs. It is an internationally recognized co-working space for hundreds of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. Hive Colab boasts of more than a decade of building an inclusive innovation ecosystem in Uganda by launching the first co-working space in Uganda and investing more than a decade supporting entrepreneurs through co-working, incubation and ecosystem development.
Over the last decade, Hive Colab has lifted up entrepreneurs to business incubation with the mission to create equity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.. It’s the place where ideas come to life and innovations are made. We are nurturing a generation of business owners, leaders and builders.
As a member business at Hive Colab you have access to bespoke business development services through our various accelerator programs and training, access to a wide range of local and international investors, connection to industry network, collaborative opportunities with community network, mentoring, leadership coaching and investment readiness programs.
We bring together individuals with creative minds, ideas and potential startups that are driven to become change-makers in Uganda.
We offer reasonable and affordable pricing on four workspace categories of (Corporate offices, walk ins, Dedicated tables and Monthly subscription) in order to support them to perform their work as well as enabling networking prospects.
Some of the businesses we have supported include Raintree farms, Wefarm, Agrosupply, Evidence and Methods lab, Ensibuuko, Akello Banker, Endiro Direct, AccessMobile


Hive Colab helps several startups with their ideas coming to fruition. We provide access to the best intellectual capital, internet connectivity and wrap-around services. Over the last decade, Hive has seen several startups come in as a one man show and leave to become self-sufficient and sustainable entrepreneurs/entities.
We aim at Getting our startups bigger and better faster by building high growth ventures that address critical problems in the ever-growing market and this helps these startups to grow. We provide practical skills to build and manage commercially viable businesses that provide essential goods and services.
With our alumni and vast network of connections from the national to the regional and global levels, we are able to provide guidance and support based on shared knowledge and experiences. Hive Colab supports emerging entrepreneurs and startups to kick start their businesses up until when they are fit for the market.
Our experience in supporting startups with structurally developed programs and criteria prouds itself in the tools and expertise that propel startups to new ventures. Startups remain the focus of everything we do at Hive Colab. We have accumulated decade-long market-proven experience to design impactful and measurable Entrepreneurship projects in Uganda.

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