Frontier Global Ventures Ltd

Frontier Global Ventures Ltd

Conrad Atuhaire

Founder and Managing Director

He has 8 years experience in project planning and management, mainly specialising in product development. He has a Masters in Mgt Science.

Frontier Global Ventures Ltd is legally incorporated in Uganda as a company that is engaged in production of cheaper nutritious feeds from crop residues


Ugandan Livestock farmers face a challenge of access to affordable, nutritious animal feeds. livestock farming is an important source of income for more than 50% of Ugandan households.
The increasing population that has reduced the available land for farming and the high cost of processed concentrates has created a great need for cheaper feed alternatives.


Our market solution to the challenge of high cost of livestock feeds is working with smallholder crop farmers to utilise crop residues to make animal feeds. Frontier Global Ventures Ltd aggregates feeds from the contracted small holder farmers, producer groups and supplies the processed feeds to livestock farmers.


Our main customers so far are Livestock farmers especially those in urban and peri-urban areas who don't have extensive land for livestock production. On average a farmer requires 250 kgs to feed 5 cows or 5 pigs in a day