God’s Care Rice Processors

God’s Care Rice Processors

Mbambu Jozonia

Founder and Managing Director

He holds a bachelor's degree in community and diploma in business management and human resource management

God’s Care Rice Processors is an agribusiness enterprise that works with rice farmers from Mubuku Irrigation settlement irrigation who supply it with rice for hulling. After hulling the rice the company gets rice husks as a by-product which it processes into fish, poultry and animal feeds.

  • Wastage of agricultural products and by-products
  • Lack of nutritious fish,poultry and animal feeds
  • Unemployment for both and women
  • Processing rice husks into animal,poultry and fish feeds
  • Production of nutritious feeds for fish , animals and poultry
  • Employment of both youth and women
  • Rice buyers
  • Fish farmers
  • Poultry farmer
  • Livestock farmers
  • Setting up processing plant
  • Penetrated the market
  • Putting on market new products that are meeting customer satisfaction