Green Creek Eco Farm Ltd

Green Creek Eco Farm Ltd

Gerald Birungi

Founder and proprietor

He is responsible for strategy and development of the business through product development to drive growth and sustainability. He holds an Advanced Diploma in International Business and as a farmer, he has over 4 years experience in Agri Business.

Green Creek Eco Farm Ltd is an agribusiness in the animal feed industry farming Black soldier fly as a sustainable, affordable and alternative high quality protein source for animal feeds and also produces organic fertilizer while combating climate change through organic waste management for repurpose.


Poor organic waste management which has an adverse effect on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions . We are able to add value addition this waste for example fresh farm produce by collecting it and reusing it as feed on our insect farm.

High cost of Animal feed due to expensive key protein sources such as soybean meal and fish meal which is the widely used source of protein globally and is expensive to produce thus negatively affecting smallholder farmers.

Scarcity of all natural rich organic fertilizer which encourages use of artificial fertilizer that has a negative effect on the environment, soil health and human health as they contain heavy metals such as lead zinc etc.


Proper collection and management of organic waste to reduce the negative environmental impact and also ease the burden of local councils on how to manage and dispose of it. They allow us to collect bio waste from farmers markets. This partnership has enabled us to recycle nutrients from this waste by feeding our BSF larvae and in turn minimizes stress on their infrastructure and management. Provision of rich organic fertilizer for crop farmers to realize high yields and ensure rejuvenation of soil health and structure for even and continual plant growth and in turn save the environment. Reduction on over dependence on fish meal and soybean that has an negative impact due to over fishing and competition for land to grow plant based protein on a large scale. .


Crop Farmers, Poultry farmers, Aquaculture industry , Pig farmers, Livestock farmers and Animal feed processors.

  • Proof of concept. We are producing a market fit product.
  • Currently supporting smallholder farmers in the industry. Job creation through our agribusiness. Community support through local council partnerships to collect organic waste.