Kasana Organic Foods

Kasana Organic Foods

Faridah Nalunkuuma

CEO and Co-founder

She is a farmer and entrepreneur with a passion for women empowerment, has over 3 years in business, majority of which is in start-up. Her skills span from operations management, market research, and business process analysis with experience from environmental, education, and entrepreneurial organizations.

Kasana Organic Foods processes and produces nutritious dried fruit using locally sourced organic ingredients, and turns fruit peels into organic fertilizer.

Every year, 40% of Uganda’s fruits and vegetables go to waste. This is partly because there is often excess farm production and the available market is too small to exhaust the produce. Consequently, smallholder farmers lose $1,000 per acre per season harvest.

Kasana Organic Foods buys surplus fresh fruit from smallholder farmers and processes it into nutritious dried fruit and uses fruit peels to make organic fertilizer.

  • Local retailers (supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shops)/li>
  • Urban centered consumers (tourists, university students, fitness enthusiasts, working professionals)
  • Winner of 2022 pitching competition prize from AL for Agribusiness Launchpad Program
  • Recipient of 2022 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Fellowship