Sio Valley Technologies

Sio Valley Technologies

Jean-Paul Nageri


He leads the company's strategy and overall company execution. He ensures that insights gained can be deployed in real world situations, helping improve efficiency, profitability and sustainability.
He has a B.Sc in Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship with over 7 years experience in product development geared towards post harvest protection

Sio Valley Technologies is a supply chain technology company that helps farmers, retailers and exporters to increase the marketable shelf life of fresh produce without refrigeration, using an organic plant based edible spray coating called KaFresh.


Uganda loses more than 40% of the fruits and vegetables it produces as a result of spoilage (UBOS,2020). Farmers, retailers and exporters resort to using cold refrigeration infrastructure, but it is expensive, requires high energy usage and daily active management. This forces them to rely on chemical preservatives, but these have harmful side effects and alter the quality of fresh produce.


We use the oils found in vegetable peels and turn them into a powder that is dissolved in water and sprayed or applied onto the surface of the harvested produce. The coat thus formed significantly reduces the rate of spoilage allowing produce to be conserved with no refrigeration.
KaFresh™ is sold as a powder which is mixed with water and then fruits and vegetables can be dipped in or washed with the solution or the solution can be sprayed on. Since it has no associated health concerns, a small farmer without mechanical food processing equipment can use a simple sprayer to apply the coating themselves.
Once KaFresh™ is applied, spoilage is slowed down and farmers can control how much produce is sold and when by controlling and staggering ripening times, avoiding having to sell all their produce at once for fear of decay.


We are targeting 65 registered fruit and vegetable exporters as well as 20 flower export companies. These individuals did a combined export value of US $65.3 million in 2020.
We are currently working with Biofresh, Icemark, and Carrefour Uganda as our customers. They use our product on their Yams, Garden Eggs and Tomatoes respectively.


KaFresh allows produce to travel longer distances from farm to table, providing improved access for consumers to fresh fruits and vegetables which contributes to improved food security.
Produce better maintains its quality as it moves through the supply chain from farm to consumer.
It reduces reliance on cold chain infrastructure markets where the cold chain may be entirely lacking, discontinuous, or unreliable.


As it stands we are unable to meet the orders from our three customers and need to scale our production, which includes the purchase of production material and production equipment.