About Us



Hive Colab is an innovation hub, community owned, collaborative, co-working space for the Uganda’s Technology community.  It is an open space with a focus on young  Tech entrepreneurs, web and mobile app developers, designers, Investors,  VCs and donors.

Hive Colab is an open space  that’s free to all developers and Tech entrepreneurs once they become  a member and the only requirement is that you are working on a project or are looking for a project to work on.

It is an innovation hub because we believe that Ugandans have Brilliant ideas that sometimes need a nudge to bring them out, we are all about new technologies for business and development of Uganda. If you are a brilliant mind that has just not decided on what idea to build on, we will help you through activities geared towards steering your brilliant mind to think innovation!



We are the first Tech Hub in Uganda collaborating with academia and private sector to inspire this and the next generation of Ugandan Technologists to build and develop apps, guiding youth into creativity and innovation to produce quality and world class technology! We are here to facilitate Genius and we accelerate emerging companies’ development by providing hands-on assistance during vulnerable start-up years.

We are investing in Young talented technologists ideas with time, attention, capital and highlighting their careers, we offer mentors to our members, with our in-house consultants to guide and advise start ups when they need it, to enable them to build their ideas to last. We give the start up/new company the much-needed visible identity to help promote its offerings and find funding or investment capital.

Located in middle of Kampala on the 3rd floor of Kanjokya House in Kamwokya, Makes it easily accessible for our members. We have a 155 sq. mtr space, a reliable Internet connection, and electricity back up, a conference space for one to one meetings, a tech atmosphere to share the latest trend on the World Technology space.If you are looking to share ideas with like-minded people, the Hive Colab offers you an access to a great network of people whom you can share your ideas with.