Swarm 19

Swarm 19

Kampala, Uganda – September 11, 2019​: Hive Colab, in partnership with the ICT Association of Uganda today announced this year’s Swarm Summit, together with the first ICT Expo. Themed “​Celebrating Uganda’s Digital Transformation​”, the two-day event will be mainly on recognizing the different levels of development of Uganda’s digital landscape, showcasing the different entities working to create a harmonious tech ecosystem in the country. This will be further broken down into a 2-day expo showcasing inventions by our very own entrepreneurial men and women.

Uganda’s digital landscape is rapidly growing day by day and this summit is going to be an Avenue to celebrate, forge transforming solutions to the on-going setbacks and look forward to build better digital spaces that serve people. Swarm Summit continues to be Uganda’s premier annual stage that fast-growing companies can target as a Launchpad for new innovations, introduce emerging technology breakthroughs and gain exposure.

The Expo shall integrate a broad array of local and international service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc., making it a well-positioned one-stop business platform for everyone with an interest. The Expo is an excellent marketplace with plenty of networking and business prospecting opportunities for everyone in the business and hospitality industry. This Expo shall also enable exhibitors to engage more with buyers face-to-face, to increase their brand awareness, and sell their products directly. It is aimed at meeting some of exhibitor’s business 2019 objectives of promoting their products & services.

Objective of event

The Swarm Summit and Expo 2019 shall bring together and celebrate Uganda’s top business and technology minds building enterprises powering Uganda’s emerging digital economy.