Elevate is a program that aims at equipping out of school unemployed girls, boys, young women and men between the age of 15-30 with life skills , entrepreneurship , business and ICT skills to enable them create their own jobs , prepare them and get them ready for work.

The program targets 80% females and 20% males both in Central and Western Uganda . The program is implemented through training participants in cohorts which basically take a duration of two months.

The program engages local leaders and other stakeholders in identifying entrepreneurial problems and identifying possible solutions through training. This also facilitates the recruitment process from the grassroots level.

This program greatly contributes to the common goal of educating the youths in Uganda which enables them to have 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

With this program, beneficiary communities are empowered to establish their own businesses, create their own income generating activities, have self-confidence and most of all be constructive citizens of Uganda.