Agago is a district located in Northern Uganda, with its administrative center being the town of Agago. It is bordered by Amuru District to the north, Kitgum District to the east, Pader District to the south, and Lamwo District to the west. The district is predominantly rural with a population of approximately 256,000 people, according to the 2014 national census.

On March 6th and 7th, 2023, a training, mentoring, coaching, and back dropping session was held in Agago. The focus of the training was to equip participants with essential business development skills, including marketing, safeguarding and inclusion, customer relations management, and business planning. The training was carried out in the sub-regions of Adilang, Kotomor, GereGere, and Wol, with each region having four participants, bringing the total number of trainees to 16.

After the training, the Business Development Skills toolkit/manual was issued to the participants in the same regions of Adilang, Kotomor, GereGere, and Wol. The aim of the training and the issuance of the toolkit was to sensitize the participants on the importance of productivity, accountability, and monitoring and evaluation of their businesses.

Marketing was a core focus of the training program, as it is a critical component of business success. Participants were taught how to identify their target market, create a marketing plan, and effectively communicate their products or services to their customers. They were also trained on customer relations management, which is crucial in building and maintaining a positive reputation for any business.

Safeguarding and inclusion were also addressed during the training program. Participants were taught how to create a safe and inclusive environment for their customers and employees, as this fosters trust and loyalty. The participants were also taught the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how to create a culture that embraces and celebrates differences.

Business planning was also emphasized during the training program, with participants learning how to create a comprehensive business plan that outlines their goals, objectives, and strategies for achieving success. They were also taught how to monitor and evaluate their business performance, which is crucial in identifying areas of improvement and making necessary adjustments.

In conclusion, the training program and the issuance of the Business Development Skills toolkit/manual were crucial steps towards promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth in Agago. With the knowledge and skills acquired during the training program, the participants are now better equipped to start and run successful businesses. Moreover, the focus on safeguarding and inclusion will help create a positive and inclusive business environment that benefits all stakeholders.

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