KaCyber Go Card Launched: YSAU Cohort 1 Beneficiary Leads Innovation

KaCyber Go Card Launched: YSAU Cohort 1 Beneficiary Leads Innovation

KaCyber Technologies, spearheaded by its Founder and CEO Innocent Orikiriza, a beneficiary of the Youth Startup Academy Uganda Cohort 1 implemented by Hive Colab in partnership with the International Trade Centre, Korea SMEs Startup Agecy and NITA Uganda has unveiled an innovation in Uganda's transportation sector—the KaCyber Go Card. This contactless transport card provides a modern and efficient alternative to traditional cash payments for commuter buses. Launched during the National Science Week, the KaCyber Go Card is a collaborative effort between KaCyber Technologies, a leading transportation technology company, and Kiira Motors Corporation, with crucial support from the Government of Uganda. The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, officially introduced the card at the closing ceremony of the National Science Week, expressing her satisfaction with the realization of a cashless payment system for public transport, mirroring systems in more developed cities like London.

The KaCyber Go Card, designed for use in partnership with Kiira Motors' Kayoola EVS buses, utilizes cutting-edge technology for a seamless travel experience. Commuters can simply tap and go, replacing the hassle of cash transactions with a convenient card payment system. The card works in conjunction with ticketing validation machines installed in buses, deducting the fare automatically upon card proximity. Users can load funds onto the card using mobile money or bank transfers, managing their accounts online through the KaCyber website or the dedicated KaCyber Go App. The card's security features include multiple layers and fraud detection algorithms, ensuring the integrity of transactions and user privacy.

The introduction of the KaCyber Go Card marks a significant shift in Uganda's transport industry, offering commuters a more streamlined and planned approach to travel. With the ability to track and plan transport expenses, commuters no longer need to engage in inconvenient disputes over change during rush hours. For bus operators, the digital payment solution promises increased efficiency in revenue tracking, reducing income leakages associated with relying solely on conductors for collections. This innovation aligns with the government's initiative for the modernization of Uganda's transport sector, as outlined in the Digitalization Transformation RoadMap and Transport Masterplan.

The collaboration between KaCyber Technologies and Kiira Motors Corporation is a strategic step towards realizing Uganda's vision of becoming a City of the Future by 2050, as envisioned by National Geographic. The KaCyber Go Card's initial rollout on Kiira Motors' Electric Kayoola Buses in Kampala and Jinja is part of a broader plan that aims to extend its usage to commuter trains, government ferries, inter-city buses, and taxis. The project received a significant boost through an innovation grant of UGX 433,000,000 from the Science, Technology, and Innovation Secretariat. This financial support is part of the government's commitment to fostering innovation and fast-tracking value addition and industrialization, aligning with the national transport master plan's goal of promoting economic growth and improving citizens' living conditions.

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