Hive Colab is excited to announce that Application for our O-Farms Agribusiness program is Open.

The O-Farms Program is Uganda’s first Circular Agribusiness Accelerator in collaboration with Bopinc, Village Capital and IKEA Foundation.

The Program is aimed at seeing circular agribusiness become a mainstream approach for entrepreneurs in Uganda food systems by 2025, to achieve this we will be accelerating a cohort of 10 circular agribusinesses within a period of 1 and half years to steer the transition from linear to circular food system.

We are looking for 10 innovative, circular agribusiness SMEs in Uganda building innovations or business models for reusing or bringing agricultural food losses, or the by-products back into the food system for:
Processing into ingredients for food for human consumption
Processing into ingredients for animal feed
Processing into biodegradable packaging materials for food and beverages for the food industry
Processing into organic fertilizer or compost as inputs for agricultural production
Processing for bio energy generation for agriculture value chains

Examples: Using rejected tomatoes for ketchup, banana peels for food packaging or rice husks for animal feed and fertiliser.

The program will invest €50,000 Euros capital (for 2 cohort peer-selected enterprises) that go through the program, in efforts to scale their circular agribusiness SMEs can expect to receive the following benefits:
Customized training program on agri-circularity business
Technical Assistance to embed circularity principles in the business model including strengthening the systems and processes.
Coaching and Mentorship – personalized and group coaching to unpack training into business implementation
Links to financial and investment opportunities
Networking and peer learning to strengthen innovations and build a community of best practices in Agri-circularity.
Networking opportunities to showcase a solution and meet with investors and other stakeholders.

Follow the link below to find out more and apply.


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